Effective Strategic Leadership

Effective Strategic Leadership

One of the most well known CEO in the business management world is Bill Gates for he expanded his business, Microsoft, for such a short period of time and his business experienced an impressive growth for the past decades. He is also well known not only in the field of computers but also in the field of business management for he manages to handle an internationally known company and achieve its goal for just a short period of time. Gates one personality is being long tern individual that enables him to prepare himself for any problems that might occur as the business goes on.

This is one characteristic that a leader must posses in order to easily fight back whatever problems that might occur in the conduct of their activity that concerns his/her subordinates. Another characteristic of Gates that made him a responsible leader is that he is very innovative that surely bring his company to the peak of its career. There were several awards that were given to Gates to honor his contributions and leadership skills in the field of business management and IT. One of which is the Price Waterhouse Leadership Award for Lifetime Achievement (“Leadership the Bill Gates Way”).

In contrast to Bill Gates, Al Zeien the former CEO of Gillette Company became a controversy for he failed to improved the financial status of Gillette Company during their company crises. As a leader, he failed to notice some of the important factors of production that leads to further financial problem of the company. During his term, he focused more on other product lines of the business than with the blades and razor that has been the major contributor of the total revenue of the company.

Because of this, there were only a few innovations that was made into the blades and razors of the company and he fail to make effective marketing strategy during the advent of competitive competitors that offers lower product price than to what are offering. His term was considered to be as a failure on the part of the board of directors as well as to the stock holders. The lack of time or interest to innovate their lines of products, as compared to Gates, is one of the mistakes that were committed by Zeien during his term as the CEO of Gillette Company.


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