Leadership, the quality or ability to lead, is very important in all aspects of today’s society. Without leadership, the world would get nowhere; therefore, we need excellent leadership in both school and business worlds.

To me, leadership is a quality possessed by someone that allows that person to naturally lead a group of people and not worry about what others may think or say. With this quality, someone can easily lead a group the way it should be lead, without the fear of adverse reaction.

The University is the right place for me to learn to become the kind of leader. I can get the knowledge I need to make wise choices. I can cultivate my interpersonal skills and experience so that people will want to follow my wise advice. The University of Arkansas is the best school in the state, and most of the well-known leaders in Arkansas graduated from there. In order to improve my leadership skills, I need the prestige that your prestigious university will provide.

My family has always highly valued leadership. My father is a college graduate who has lead people for twenty-five years. He has been chairman of several community and church groups over the years, and he now manages S and B Power Tool (Bosch) in Heber Springs, Arkansas. He started at the bottom of their organization and has worked his way to the top position, which he has held for over 10 years. Becoming a leader is only the beginning; being a good leader is the mark of success. My family realizes the value of leadership.

Leadership plays an important role at a large university. From academic clubs to fraternities and sororities, leadership must be present in upper officers and members. Good leadership helps things run smoothly and more efficiently. Leaders must be able to make important decisions that will affect numerous people, and members must be willing to follow those decisions. I would prefer to attend a university where leadership is a value to get a good start for my future career.