The first weakness he mentioned was his “Irish Temper”. Explain and Justify whether Terry Allay has a bad temper or not Answer: Terry Allay doesn’t have a bad temper but he was demanding and ambitious that made him aggressive because according to him he had to deal with five, ten or thousand individuals who want to do something else. However, underneath Allay was charming and warmhearted with good Lilliputian sense of humor.

He had had an aggressive management style but this was Ignored by his supervisors as according to one of his deputy chairman who supported his appointment says that: “An CEO has to have a spiky side to him. You can’t be nice to everybody all the time. ” Question # 4 Is Terry Allay really modest? How do you remain modest In spite of the success and the accolades? Does this man have no ego? Answer: Terry Allay was a humble and modest person. His brothers left school at the age of 16.

He admired his parents as they really work hard for him so that he could do his A- levels. Allay has seen hard times In his life. According to him: “It’s undoubtedly the ease that If you have nothing behind you or If you’ve seen hard times It develops In some people anyway, an insecurity and the basic motivation to put the past behind 1 OFF What type of self concept does Terry Allay have and how does it affect the business success? Does Terry Allay Posses a Theory X and Theory Y attitudes?

Answer: Terry Allay posses a Theory Y Attitude. As he believes that people want four things from their work: a Job that is interesting, a chance to get on in life, to be treated with respect and a boss who is some help and not their biggest problem. If that’s all you do each day, try to give them those things, and then they will follow you anywhere. This strategy helps the Allay and in his lead the Tests stretched its lead as the Auk’s largest retailer and also grew internationally as the third-largest retailer measured by revenues.

Question #6 Question # 7 Question # 8 Effective Leaders need to have skills and take actions on three different fronts I-e as strategists, as architects and as immobilizers (both internally and externally). Working through the case how would define Terry Leases role as a strategist, as an architect ND as a immobilizers. Answer: Strategist Creating a 4 pronged strategy prior to becoming CEO to have a vision on how to improve the company. Knowing a diverse food goods portfolio was needed for increased future success. Knew innovation in retail product categories was also necessary for competing with the competition.

Non-food market needed creation and implementation using its purchasing muscle A need for entering the service sector industry Need for international stores and businesses in the future Realizing that without proper execution this strategy is of no use. Architect Implementing the 4 pronged strategy in stages successfully and delivering what he had planned. Creating a leadership style which is based on modesty and concern for the customer By moving out of the shadow of copying Kingsbury and using methods such as the “one in front” method to minimize checkout queues.

The Club card loyalty scheme introduced by Terry The “Tests Steering Wheel” was a good initiative to collect metrics on commuters, operations and employees and would be the feedback backbone. His Customer Insight Unit helped gain valuable insight on the business, its customers and competitors on a daily basis. His customer-led approach helped create Deco’s systems investments, a sophisticated data-mining system, and storage facilities which enabled the company to quickly respond to shifts in demand.

Deco’s People Insight Unit also made sure it understood its staff so they could get a 110% commitment from them every single day. The annual “Tests Week in Store Together” program was essential to keep employees knowing their bosses also know the strains impression of being a “classless” store. By introducing self-scanning machines this reinforced the ideal that the customer is the one in control. His shaping of his employees into leaders made sure the operation of the company were always running seamlessly.

Immobilizers Using aggressiveness and determination to get the Job done Using his confidence as an example to motivate employees to always take charge and be empowered Never being afraid of challenges and using them to instill triumph over adversity His clear thinking and swift decision making skills made the company quickly gain headway to success Competitiveness in him boosted the company to gain results among competitors as well increased the morale of his employees His customer-led approach always made sure the company was ready to accommodate for the ever changing needs of the customers.

Always believed innovation and ideas don’t Just pop up but a company needs to keep close observation on the way customers’ lives are changing.. He not only implemented his own values in his company but also his own life. He was always a part of every sector of his company’s running from visiting stores often to improve operations to sitting in on customer surveys. Question # 9 What evidence is there that Terry Leases leadership has evolved over time? How has he developed his career? Answer: Leases leadership style is basically responsible for the organizational success of Tests.

This is essentially because Allay sees Deco’s transformation as the only variable that would guarantee his leadership making a difference . Therefore, for Allay, transforming Tests is more of leadership than management. The success of Tests was heralded by the appointment of Terry Allay as the CEO. Allay is considered as a visionary leader who led the company into a series of organizational changes that aimed for the company to become more customer- focused and to develop the company’s workforce. Terry Allay is revered as an excellent leader.

He believes that the success of a leader depends upon maintaining a happy workforce. Key aspects of his leadership include: Vision, values and culture are more important than strategies or marketing tactics and they should come from staff. He himself visited a store at least once a week to listen to staff and customers. Encouraging and growing future leaders. Allay was quick to point out that Deco’s success was not all his own, acknowledging that it was a team effort. Leadership was also found in customers. Allay said that if you allow them, customers will take you rather than you can go on your own Keeping things simple.

People need to understand what is expected of them and how Leases tenure is proof of his leadership. The average CEO remains for four years while Allay was CEO of Tests for 14 years. Every chance that Terry got to prove himself he used. These opportunities increased his confidence step by step. The fact that the only tasks he ever got were the ones given to him proves that his career was built upon the fact that he kept his values intact and using his newfound skills along with these values made him the success he now is. Question # 10 Identify some of challenges (or dangers) facing Terry Allay today and in coming years.

The way the power transition is handled, as well as Philip Slacker’s leadership/ management style will go a long way in bringing confidence back into the minds of customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders of Tests Pl in the wake of the leadership change. This will also define to a large extent Deco’s future organizational structure. Only time will tell this. As far as Tests is concerned, its overseas projects could topple over when competitors tend to choose local companies for their competitive prices and slide Tests operations to the side.

While Terry’s 14 year leadership has made Tests grow much but future leadership of the company needs to be trained so that they can follow the same growth pattern that Terry has helped sustain over the years. The situation of local industries development will affect Tests because Tests has a wide range of operations. So its various industries in the region are underdeveloped they cannot purchase locally and have to transfer goods from further field or establish a local distribution. This will increase the cost of delivery of goods.