Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

Meaning, the responsibility of a leader would be for one to provide leadership even if they do not play any role in a higher organizational team. So to describe both a leader and manager differences, I would first include the following meaning of each. A leader is one who fines him or herself giving commands or leading a country, organization, or group. It is also defined as an individual followed by others (Ere, 2013). Managers usually handle anything that Is given.

Task that employees and others are given often times, mainly must be carried out and accomplished as objectives within an organization (Collins, 2001 If I had to be anything wealth a company or organization, I would prefer to be a great leader because a great leader would allow me to lead teams and people through devotional techniques and by example. Being a great leader would also allow me to demonstrate qualities that play a role in failure and success within an organization.

Having the ability to inspire others to perform at their very best, set tempos appropriately, and pace themselves daily, would on a daily basis allow me a as great leader to perform at my best while on the Job as suppose to being a manager. A manager many of times rely relatively on controlling others. Managers only take notice in ones who work closely alongside them. Managers also take notice in ones ho perform their duties best (Collins, 2001) I would support being a great leader by listing the different but similar views that a great leader and manager do systematically.

A great leader tend to come up with all sort of new moves and Ideally pushes the remaining structure of the organization Into a phase for thinking ahead (Aging, 2012). The manager continues to maintain an already generated tactics and strategies as well as the horizon. Managers are to maintain control or he or she may find it to be disorderliness within. A great leader asks why and what, whereas a manager asks when and how. Ones that think differently might provide facts such as both leaders and managers carry similar but different roles.

Some would say that great leaders doesn’t decide what one do, it’s the response given in return. When people come together as a team it’s not because you’ve inspired them, it’s because great leaders create a bond of trust, which is very important to the organization being that it changes rapidly and also the need for individuals to believe in its mission. Managers believe that in order to perform their Job effectively, they have to be able to understand people passion and interest.