Leadership level

Leadership level

Review the range of group and individual whose communication need to be address: As a manger communication plays a very big role. Mangers need to communicate with different people In different mode. Communication should be effective and leave a happy and satisfactory impact. Listening to the team and understanding what they need to say, is the first rule of effective communication. There are wide range of people I need to communicate with daily, weekly and less frequently basis that includes the other managers, visitors, parents, care workers extra. I communicate with all these people in writing, verbally and by listening.

When I am communicating with these people mentioned above as well as In the graph I use different skills for example If I am talking too violators , I make sure that they should feel valued , supported and understood. On the other hand if I am talking to my junior staff I make sure they understand my instructions. I make sure that they understand that they have to do what I requested them but at the same time they are happy and motivated. These are the example of few people I communicate with. I will not write all of them In here except the other manager, with them we require mutual respect and understanding.

Relationship and contacts: Other visitors Team Including Relationship And contacts Marketing People Children Parents Managers Voluntary Care worker Meetings emails and verbal communication. 1. 2 : Explain how to support effective communication with the Job role Good communication is very important to develop good relationship and share information with people. I communicate with so many different people as I mentioned above. Effective communication helps people to interact with other people and allow you to communicate successfully. Communication should make the atmosphere of trust and operation.

When I am communicating with parent I make sure I am listening to them and showing them that they are understood by giving paralinguistic. I make sure that I understand and come up with satisfactory solution so they trust and cooperate me and my organization. I also make sure that they trust us that we are giving their children the best environment. When I am communicating with my staff I make sure they are understood, I am sensitive to their needs, I am involving them in decision making, listening. I make sure that my massage is across and effective.

It alps us to make good relationship with people. On the other hand people like in KODAK, Municipality and different companies need informative but simple writing and verbal communication. Case History: I had one parent came very angry that the child got hurt and we are not taking care of it. When the parent came I listen to him for half an hour without reacting. We showed him the Cottager. Parent apologies for his reaction and went happily. Detail where effective communication worked: The teacher told me exactly what happened and told me that the mother was not happy. I went back checked CATV.

Father came I was listening and waited till he was calm down and showed him the CATV footage. COMMUNICATION MODE: Listing, speaking, pictorial , formal and informal etc Effective communication 1. Personal 2. Knowledgeable 3. Specific 4. Focus on others need and requirements 5. Listen 6. Replace ego with Empathy 7. Read between the lines 8. Informative 9. Speak to the group as individual 10. Be prepared As a manger I make sure that all the communication either it is written or verbal is delivering the best impact and effective massage. To delegate of work Meetings Presentations Supervision Appraisals

Negotiations Interviewing Making relationship with co-workers and clients 1. 3 Analyses The Barriers and challenges to communication Effective Communication is significant and a fundamental relationship-building skill in the workplace for any employee especially for managers to perform the basic functions of management, I. E. , Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. If people don’t communicate well they limit their ability to connect on any meaningful level which can create conflict. Depending on the position in workplace, others will have expectations of how an individual should communicate with others.

It is important that for any employee show respect to those he or she works with. The general social care council’s code of practice states that communications should be conducted in an appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward way. By communicating in this way others will have trust and confidence in any employee and their abilities. Workplace relationships become a lot stronger when people can clearly and effectively communicate what they need and allow others to do the same. There are several barriers that affect the flow of communication in an organization.

These barriers interrupt the flow of communication from the sender to the receiver, thus making communication ineffective. It is essential for managers to overcome these barriers. The main barriers of communication are summarized below. The first barriers to check out are those that an employee could be creating. People may think that they are doing everything possible to assist communication, but they should make sure that they are not making it difficult for people to understand what People should avoid professional Jargon and terminology.

I am managing from cast 3 years and I find out that sometimes the massage has been not across. We usually feel that the other party I reviewed why it happened I figured it out Few points mention below 1. Language barriers 2. Culture and values 3. Too much instruction 4. Disagreements 5. Tiredness 6. Inappropriate environment 7. Faulty Presentation 8. Limited capacity 9. Assumptions 10. Miscommunication 11. Interference 12. Linguistic Barriers 13. Negative feelings 1. 4: Implement a strategy to overcome communication Barrier Communication is a regular part of every agenda.

Not Just communicating in meetings, but actually avian a “communication plan” as part of most agendas. Something as small as effective writing or as large as understanding interpersonal relations. There are a lot of communication barriers faced these days by all. The message intended by the sender is not understood by the receiver in the same terms and sense and thus communication breakdown occurs. It is essential to deal and cope up with these communication barriers so as to ensure smooth and effective communication. I will give now some example how I overcome with these barriers in my setting Plan to make communication better 1 .

Eliminating differences in perception: The organization should ensure that it is recruiting right individuals on the Job. It’s the responsibility of the interviewer to ensure that the interviewee has command over the written and spoken language. There should be proper Induction program so that the policies of the company are clear to all the employees. There should be proper trainings conducted for required employees (for egg: Voice and Accent training). 2. Use of Simple Language: Use of simple and clear words should be emphasized. Use of ambiguous words and Jargon’s should be avoided. . Reduction and elimination of noise levels: Noise is the main communication barrier which must be overcome on priority basis. It is essential to identify the source of noise and then eliminate that source. 4. Active Listening: Listen attentively and carefully. There is a difference between “listening” and “hearing”. Active listening means hearing with proper understanding of the message that is heard. By asking questions the speaker can ensure whether his/her message is understood or not by the receiver in the same terms as intended by the speaker. 5.

Emotional State: During communication one should make effective use of body achiever might misinterpret the message being delivered. For example, if the conveyer of the message is in a bad mood then the receiver might think that the information being delivered is not good. 6. Simple Organizational Structure: The organizational structure should not be complex. The number of hierarchical levels should be optimum. There should be a ideal span of control within the organization. Simpler the organizational structure, more effective will be the communication. 7. Avoid Information Overload: The managers should know how to prioritize their work.

They should not overload themselves with the work. They should spend quality time with their subordinates and should listen to their problems and feedbacks actively. 8. Give Constructive Feedback: Avoid giving negative feedback. The contents of the feedback might be negative, but it should be delivered constructively. Constructive feedback will lead to effective communication between the superior and subordinate. 9. Proper Media Selection: The managers should properly select the medium of communication. Simple messages should be conveyed orally, like: face to face interaction or meetings.

Use of written means of communication should be encouraged for delivering complex messages. For significant messages reminders can be given by using written means of communication such as: Memos, Notices etc. 10. Flexibility in meeting the targets: For effective communication in an organization the managers should ensure that the individuals are meeting their targets timely without skipping the formal channels of communication. There should not be much pressure on employees to meet their targets. 1. 4 Mode Of Communication 1 . Written 2. Verbal 3. Pictorial 4. Paralinguistic 5. Formal 6. Informal