Leadership Training Activities

Leadership Training Activities

We ask that you please keep this in mind as you go through the day. Keep an open mind and take full participation in the activities. To Start today we do have a couple of house keeping items. The first is the restrooms are located over there in that hall way. We need to stay In this building and wear our nutmeats at all times. Please be respectful of the facility, we are guests here and need to act professionally. To start today, each of you was assigned a group on your name tag. Lets break into those groups now, it Is important that you stay with your group so e can be balanced for the activities of the day.

In their groups, have students form a tight circle and put on the blindfolds. Next, have each group form a circle, with students placing their hands in the middle of the circle. Each person should grasp (with each hand) the hand of another person, however, not the hand of the person directly to his/her right or left. This process should create a “knot. ” Tell students they must untangle themselves (so that they form an open circle) without letting go of each other’s hands. One person will be selected by each group to have his/ her blindfold removed by the instructor to facilitate communication during the activity.

WHEN DONE: Jackson: k, everyone can take their blindfolds off and have a seat with your officers. DEBRIEF LED BY OFFICERS: What was the first step your leader/group took to begin to untangle the knot? Did your group use the leader exclusively to solve this problem, or were others involved? Explain your answer. What were some shortcuts the groups learned to untangle the knot? If this activity were to be repeated, do you believe your group would be faster in untangling the knot? Why or why not? 9:that TTS (All) Jackson: Alright, now that we know each other a little better, lets move back to the

How many of you is this your first TTS event? That is great to see. One of the goals of this event is to better educate you as to what TTS is. TTS is a Career and Technical Student Organization that is dedicated to STEM/ Technology Education Students. We are your professional organization. Halley: Here is a short video that we had produced last year during state to promote TTS. PLAY VIDEO That’s a pretty cool intro to TTS. Hey Colon, can you give us your elevator speech about what is TTS? ELEVATOR SPEECH. Jackson: One thing I thought we would do now is each of us officers would tell you bout why we are involved in TTS. So I will Start…..

What does TTS have to offer, what do you do in TTS Each Officer Talk. So does anyone have any questions about TTS? 10:O -rower of 10 (Colon) David: Hopefully you have a little better understanding of TTS. What we would like to do now is do a practice competition. One of the big events each year at our State Conference is Problem Solving. In this event you are given a set of materials and are asked to solve a problem. What we would like everyone to do is to find the person that has the same number as you on the back of their Name Badge. Once you have your AFTER ThEY HAVE PARTNERED UP: Please find a space with your partner and have a seat.

Your task is using only the materials inside of your envelope and a little tape, build a freestanding structure that will hold ping pong ball the highest above the floor. When you are ready to test, please call a state officer over and we will measure your structure. We have a prize for the winning pair. Once complete, Announce Winner k, if everyone would find their original group. Officers lead a discussion on the following questions in your groups. How did you go about creating your design? What went well? What would you do different next time? Define Teamwork? How important is it in this activity?

HOW can you work better with people next time? 1 1 :1 competitive Event Intro (Short) Jackson: The goal of TTS is to help us develop our Leadership, Employability, and Technical Skills. One way that we do that is through the Competitive Events Program. I would like to introduce our Executive Director/ State Advisor Mr.. Short to talk to us about competitive events. 1 1 :LUNCH Branded Branded: Thank you Mr.. Short. k folks, it is now time for my favorite part of the day, Lunch. Here is what e would like you to do, let’s line up around the room, in alphabetical order by first name. You must do this without talking. Before we do that though.

How many of you have Twitter? During lunch connected to TTS. 1 2:defendants If we could get everyone back in their groups. An important aspect of leadership is communication. How do we communicate with others and also how do we treat them. When you treat people differently there are repercussions to this. Your leaders are going to place a label on your forehead, you may not look at what the label says. In your groups your state officers will lead a discussion on various epics,During the discussion, everyone must talk. During the discussion, participants should react to the person speaking according to what is written on their label.

For example, John make a comment and his label reads “Laugh at what I say. ” The group should laugh every time John says something. TOPIC:_What is the best Movie you have Seen? After a while switch to the topic: What makes a good leader? Tell us about your school/ chapter B]: Take a moment and look at your label. The State Officers will do a debrief with you. Debrief: Ask participants to guess what was on their label. Did you figure out what yours said? How did you feel when others treated you as they were instructed to do? * How did you feel treating others as you were instructed to do? Do we sometimes consciously or unconsciously treat others like we did here? * What effect would it have on a person to always be ignored or agreed with, or whatever? How should we respond to others when they are talking? What other labels do we put on people in real life? * How do these labels affect our roles as leaders? What have we learned from this experience that we can use in real life? 12:BREAK INTO GROUPS Jackson: Now that we have taken time to learn about TTS and practice some of our dervish skills, we are going to spend some time in some areas of your choice.

So, I would like to encourage chapter officers to stay here with Halley and Branded to talk about chapter planning. The rest of us will be over there with BC and David to work on our teamwork and leadership skills. Chapter Planning (Halley & Branded) We want to now take some time to talk about how your chapter can function and help you do some planning for the year. To begin with, you you could group up by chapter. Branded: In your groups write down your office, and what you think that position does. If you are not an officer, write down what you think the purpose of the officer team is.

Branded: Here is a list of the positions and their duties. However in most cases, including with the state officer team, we all work as a team not truly following the duties listed. Now what we would like you to do is brainstorm a list of qualities that you think are important to make a good leadership team. SHARE OUT One of the most important practices of exceptional leaders is the ability to inspire a shared vision. So the entire team is working toward a common goal. Todd o this most successful groups create a Mission or purpose statement.