Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

The basis of servant leadership is instilling the organizations vision in your people and assisting them to succeed. Servant leaders are motivated to help others reach their goals. Servant leaders lead with compassion. They are not self centered or driven to move up the ladder. They believe their sole responsibility Is to Improve the organization by Glenn of themselves to the front line employees because they are the people who will make the company successful (Ken Blanchard Companies, 2010) This vying includes time, energy, empowerment, backing decisions, encouragement, and guidance.

Servant leaders are humble and are not worried about feeding their egos. They focus on listening to their employees and developing them. They believe their team is the reason for their success and the team is what makes the company succeed. I believe servant leaders are necessary in organizations. This type of leader improves moral, strokes the ego of their direct reports, eliminates road block for their team, and empowers their teams to greatness. They create a team that is very loyal tit low employee turnover. They develop people to excel In the company.

They motivate, coach, teach, and support their team. (Ken Blanchard Companies, 2010) Great servant leaders have a team that performs out of respect and loyalty. I think you can train servant leaders, but not all people can be a successful servant leader. It Is difficult to teach compassion and selflessness. Values are defined by Reach (1973) that it is as prescriptive, enduring standards that have cognitive, affective and behavioral components. Values are not naturally UT it is the process of personal development through family, friends, education, religion and experiences.

Individual would have different value depend on these elements. Those who grow up in strong value society behave more ethically than who do not. In consequence, their own values affect the way they communicate with people, the way they resolve their problem, they way they act in certain circumstances. Personal values are able to change when they live in different organization, meet new people. Their values, In some extent, have to adapt to the ewe environment In a shorter or longer period. There are some primary characteristics that good leaders need to have such as honesty and integrity.

They form the moral foundation of effective leadership through the four key values of truth telling, promise keeping, fairness and respect for the individual. (Claws 1999) In addition, values also influence organizational decision-making. It is of greater importance due to the involvement of people. Organizational values are generated by sharing values, opinions, mindsets and goals. Each member has to compromise in order to adapt integrate and contribute to the sustainable development of organizations.

According to Nonesuch (1998), it is not the lot of the leader to be served but rather his/her privilege to serve. Servant leaders value human equality and seek to enhance the personal development and professional contributions of all organizational members. In the Competency-based Leadership model, people are chosen by their skills and and abilities, such as numerical or scientific knowledge; oral communication and robber solving skills; interpersonal skills and abilities, such as expertise in human relations and teamwork capability; personal characteristics, such as decisiveness and persistence.

I consider those faculties to be really important components when it comes to leadership. For example, in the medical field the leader of a specific unit must be prepared and have the knowledge and skills required for that position. Not just any individual that possess the willingness of serving and helping others can be a leader.

But on the other hand, a leader that has all this qualities must also be able ND willing to serve and assist his co-workers, because knowledge and skills don’t work if the person who has them keeps them for his own personal growth and use, which happens quite often and individuals use their skills for their own success, that is the downfall for this model. Now, the Servant Leadership model is all about helping others, and being there to make sure the whole team is successful thus the entire company will also be. It is serving others because is the right thing to do and will create a positive outcome